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Research and Published Results on Less Invasive, Epithelium‑On Crosslinking

CXLUSA is the world’s largest research study group that has researched and developed minimally-invasive treatment of keratoconus and post-LASIK ectasia using epithelium-on corneal crosslinking (CXL).

Epithelium-on CXL is a procedure that has been shown in large published research studies. to strengthen the cornea, reducing or stopping vision loss while leaving its surface intact so patients can usually return to work or school the next day.

This unique system of less-invasive epithelium-on CXL is in Phase 3 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials.

Published Keratoconus & CXL Research

CXLUSA has developed and shared the latest research from keratoconus clinical trials and epithelium-on CXL since 2009.

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Roy Rubinfeld, MD, MA, founded the CXLUSA research study group that developed the only epithelium-on crosslinking technology shown to work in large published research studies. For more information, contact us.